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Charcoal Sile Caftan Dress

SKU: 2003C
Sile fabric takes its name from Sile, a small seaside village north of Istanbul, Turkey, where it is hand-loomed and traditionally prepared by local women for generations. The gauze loomed Sile fabric touches the skin softly, circulating the air between the body and the fabric. It breathes, hygienic and a perfect natural insulator.
Sile fabric is;
- Hand loomed from twisted curly 100% raw cotton yarn boiled in floured water
- Washed in the slightly salty water of Black Sea
- Spreaded out to dry on the quartz sands of the Sile beach
This natural process gives the fabric durability and a unique softness and texture.
Sile line is based on comfort and natural look. All pieces are designed to be wearable at the beach, at home or on the street.

Color: Charcoal
One size fits all
Width: 0.71 mt/28 inch Length: 1.27 mt/50 inch