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About Us


We are excited to reveal 'Loom' the new brand of Ark of Crafts, inspired from the authentic, healthy fabrics hand loomed by women in Turkey, following the same tradition for generations. 

Loom is the brand of textiles designed and handmade for the beach, home and bath. We design the basic, high quality and natural outfit for modern, comfortable living. Our garments are made from cotton, linen and silk hand-loomed fabrics by women-led small businesses, family enterprises and community cooperatives from different regions of Turkey. Each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color. 

 As Ark of Crafts we respect the traditional crafts and aim to bridge the past to present for creating something timeless since 2013.  We conduct our business following fair trade principles strictly. We reinvest continuously to develop new artisan networks, source new products with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of marginalized small producers. 

We are two women entrepreneurs. As friends and business colleagues, after having held managerial positions for more than 25 years in different sectors, we chose to become independent for social change.

We are

Cigdem Toraman

Ark of Crafts founder Cigdem has significant experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, digital media, finance, and retail in Turkey. She has consistently played leading roles in her career of 28 years, which include building the electronic trading system for Istanbul Stock Exchange in early 1990s, managing all of the research and development activities of Karma International in the second half of 1990s, a 10 year period in Dogan Holding, with positions including Group Director responsible for Media Sales, Marketing and Technology in Dogan Newspaper and later the General Manager of a private shopping site. After managing the country-wide operations of a global personalization technology company in 2012-2013, she started her own business in e-commerce. Currently, Cigdem Toraman also has responsibilities as a business advisor to and executive board member of several startups. She teaches classes on marketing, e-commerce, digital and social media, business development, sales and entrepreneurship at several universities and companies.

Nilufer Sener

Nilufer admires Anatolia, the arts and crafts rooted from the rich culture, and the artisanal designers keeping these arts alive with love.
More than 20 years of managerial position in banking, insurance, internet sector, the founding partner of Urban Bug the pioneer of entertainment sector in the early 2000s in Istanbul, a volunteer of Doctors Without Borders and lately the general coordinator of one of the biggest NGO of Turkey, CYDD and the general manager of shopigo.com. Now she gives all her energy to arkofcrafts.com with love. Nilufer holds a B.A. in Economics from the Bosphorus University, Istanbul.