loom.ist is the co-brand of Ark of Crafts which is a socially responsible business committed to bridging artisanal Turkish traditions with modern living. Cigdem Toraman and Nilufer Sener—colleagues and friends with decades of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, digital media and finance—joined forces to create Ark of Crafts. 

In the face of cheap industrial products, longstanding Turkish traditions are slowly dying. But authentic Turkish goods that reflect time-honored traditions and years of experience should be treasured—and available for all to enjoy. With this shared goal in mind, Cigdem and Nilufer set out to find the best artisans from all around Turkey, congregate them on a digital platform and introduce them to the world. They traveled around the country and met with copper masters, weavers, ceramic artists, block printing artisans, miniature artists and more. In 2013, they launched arkofcrafts.com. In early 2017, they launched the clothing and textiles label loom.ist, a line for timeless, comfortable living.

The company is committed to reinvesting in the enterprise in order to develop new artisan networks and design products that can continue to support the social, economic and environmental well-being of small producers utilizing age-old craft techniques that have been passed down for generations.

 We thank you for supporting Turkish artisans.

 Nilufer & Cigdem