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Grey Striped Sile Twist Dress

SKU: 2024GS
Its stylish twist on its collar, allows for a stylish v neck to be created, carrying this elegant simple dress to the next level. The twist also allows the dress to fit snugly on your top, creating pleasing organic pleats as you walk. The form of the dress allows for all movement, whilst fitting to most body types with its loose structure. Covering most of your body and protecting from sun or wind, whilst still admitting air to your body. Wear it as a dress or a beach cover-up in any of our 5 colors!

Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the fabric of the dress has durability and unique soft texture, letting the gauzy Sile fabric breathe and touch the skin lightly. 

One size fits all

Length: 1,20 mt/47 inch Width: 0,74 mt/29 inch