Sile is a lovely resort town on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul, on the Asian side, about 40 miles northeast from Istanbul city center.

The name of Sile comes from Greek (Hilea), which means marjoram flower in English. Sile has long sandy beaches and it gets very trendy especially during the summer time. The town has the biggest and the most gorgeous lighthouse of Turkey overlooking the Black Sea, it is called Sile Lighthouse.

Sile Fabric

Sile town is famous for its special cotton fabric, called Sile Fabric. It is hand-loomed and traditionally prepared by local women for generations. Everyone loves this textile because it's very light thus nice to wear during hot summer days. Many shops in the market sell clothing, tablecloths and other stuff made with Sile Fabric. There is a Sile Fabric Festival every year between July-August.

The gauze loomed Sile Fabric touches the skin softly, circulating the air between the body and the fabric. It breathes, hygienic and a perfect natural insulator.

Sile Fabric has been hand woven an old wooden looms from 100% raw cotton yarn. The cotton hanks boil in water with flour to give strength to the yarn. Traditionally processed Sile Fabric is washed in the slightly salty water of the Black Sea, before being spread out to dry on the beach of Sile. This process gives the fabrics its distinctive quality. The pattern of the fabric is created during the weaving process. In addition over 55 kinds of different traditional motifs can be embroidered on the fabric. All products were woven and embroidered by rural women of Sile to support and encourage them in social and economic life.

All pieces are designed to be wearable at the beach, at home or on the street.

They are basic and timeless.