Honoring the 150 years of tradition ‘Sile Cotton’ perfectly matches our resort wear collection with its unique qualities. The elegant, flowy, comfortable caftans, kimonos for day and night are tailored from Sile Fabric which is hand loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea and dried on the sand. Sile cotton takes its name from Sile, a small seaside village north of Istanbul, Turkey. The Sile Women's Community center hand-looms the cloth and processes it following a 150-year-old tradition. The cloth is then made into clothing using traditional hand-sewing techniques. Sile fabric is: • Hand loomed from 100% organic twisted curly cotton • Washed in the saline water of the Black Sea • Spread out to dry on the quartz sands of Sile beach This natural process gives the fabric durability and a uniquely soft texture. The gauzy Sile cotton breathes, touches the skin lightly, and is naturally hygienic. It makes you feel good!