We are excited to reveal our new brand LOOM, inspired from the authentic, healthy fabrics hand loomed by women in Turkey, following the same tradition for generations.

LOOM is the collection of textiles designed and handmade for beach, home and bath, for basic, modern, comfortable living. We respect the traditional crafts and aim to bridge the past to present for creating something timeless. We design the basic, high quality, comfortable and natural outfit from the traditional fabrics loomed with the skillful hands of women with love.

Our garments are made from cotton, linen and silk hand loomed fabrics by women-led small businesses, family enterprises and community cooperatives from different regions of Turkey. Each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness and color.

The wonderful coasts of Turkey are our inspiration for our Turkish Towel Collection. Each collection reflects the nature, colors, breeze and history of the amazing Aegean and Mediterranean beaches. Every season we add new designs and textures to our classical collection. They are all hand loomed with traditional techniques, finished with hand tied fringe by weavers from Denizli, the world renown textile region of Turkey.

The multifunctional, legendary, eco-friendly, lightweight and quick-drying Turkish towel is perfect as a bath and beach towel, scarf, sarong, throw, tablecloth and more. Linen or cotton, they become softer and more absorbent with use.